Criteria for 4 Smileys from "European Children's Hotels"



As a member of "European Children's Hotels," the Hotel Maria has pledged to fulfill the following criteria:

  • The children's play areas must be completely separate from all traffic, and must have a direct and secure access to the hotel. High-quality standard with indoor swimming pool or an indoor children's wading pool.


  • Furnishings of family rooms and family suites: Spacious rooms and suites offering sufficient space even if two children sleep in the suite.
  • Baby phone can be switched on in every room
  • Option of hanging up laundry in the bathroom and/or on the balcony
  • Bedrooms can be darkened for daytime naps
  • Child-safe furnishings, equipment, and wall power outlets


  • Upon request, the following items must be available at any time: Baby phone, footstool for bathroom, WC children's seat, children's bathtub, thermometer, diaper pail, changing table mat, bottle warmer, vaporizer, children's potty
  • Public areas / restaurant / recreational facilities: Family-sized tables (size, space), smoke-free area, high chairs and secure seat cushions (different heights), children's plates, children's drinking glasses and children's cutlery, see-saw, play facilities to spend waiting time (e.g. children's coloring sets, toys and games, books, etc.), children's menus or menus offering children's portions, children's drinks
  • Children's table once daily, with supervision 5 days a week, children's juice bar with at least two different juices (10:00 a.m. till 8:00 p.m.)
  • Play area: Separate playroom with toys and age-appropriate equipment / furnishings, well-lit and friendly atmosphere with windows, outdoor playground with sandbox, swing set, slide, and toy cars
  • Services: Preferred treatment of families with children, family-friendly atmosphere, babysitter service available at any day/evening time (surcharge), laundry service (e.g. coin-operated washing machine, laundry washed by hotel at surcharge), children's physician service, game room (party games available on loan), loan of baby buggies, baby carriages, back harnesses, and chest harnesses
  • Supervision of children, babysitting 5 days a week, whole-day supervision by professional babysitters (at least 40 hours per week)
  • Recreational programs / activities, e.g. at least once a week an organized program for the entire family, either at the hotel or elsewhere (e.g. game afternoon, children's fashion show, group hike, picnic, etc.)
  • At least 2 supervisors or babysitters