Kids on the Cable-Equipped Climbing Trail


Children Can Experience the Dolomites in a Perfectly Safeguarded and Supervised Framework
Here at the Hotel Maria, children's mountain-climbing has shown itself to be a big hit. Absolute safety is our foremost concern. Your children will be using perfectly-safe equipment and will be under the best supervision. We start with very simple and safe exercises in our climbing facility. Later, the highlight of the course is a "real" mountain-climbing expedition along the Klettersteige (professionally-designed mountain-climbing trails equipped in part with safety cables).


Mountain-Climbing as Part of a Children's Activity and Care Program
Learning how to climb at the climbing rock in the climbing facility in Obereggen / San Floriano is a part of our Children's Activity and Care Program. The supervisor / child guardian accompanies the children to the climbing facility, which is close by the hotel. There, specially trained climbing instructors will teach your children the proper and safe way to enjoy a stay in the mountains. Climbing and rappelling ("Abseilen") exercises are part of the program. This course of instruction provides your children with the basic skills and knowledge which they need in order to participate in mountain-climbing tours along the professionally-designed trails equipped (in part) with safety guide cables organized by the Hotel Maria.

Separate Guided Children's Mountain-Climbing Tours along Klettersteige
Your children will love these guided mountain-climbing tours along the Klettersteige (trails equipped in part with safety guide cables), conducted under the supervision of professional mountain guides with special training in dealing with children and the hotel proprietor, Christoph Kofler. The tours can lead up to 3,000 meters above sea-level. The most-impressive tour is to the summit of the majestic "Rotwand" (2,805 m) in the Rosen Garden Group. Your children will be enchanted by the awe-inspiring panoramic view as they march to this especially attractive summit of the Dolomites.