Swimming Pool, Relaxation Zone, and Couch Area


Indoor Panorama Swimming Pool – Water Fun for the Whole Family

Splashing around in the water, swimming laps, and enjoying the underwater massage jets – What better way to relax and enjoy yourself after an active day of hiking or skiing?
At the Maria Indoor Panorama Swimming Pool, you can also enjoy

  • Comfortable, cozy heat benches
  • Relaxation chaise-lounges
  • In the little garden in front of the swimming pool, cozy couches where you can sun yourself
  • And if you want pure peace and relaxation, you can visit the separate relaxation zone for adults

Water Fun for the Kids
The swimming pool is a paradise for children, too! That's because kids love playing in the water, and babies and toddlers like splashing around in the warm water, too. Bigger kids can learn how to swim, can play on the water slide, and engage in all kinds of fun and games – that's because our swimming pool has been designed specifically for this purpose.