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Welcome to Obereggen!

A landscape calling to adventurers – both young and old – to come and explore it! A vast natural playground for active family vacationers! Come and discover your new favorite hotel in South Tyrol! We would like to bid you a hearty welcome to Obereggen and a pleasant stay here at the Hotel Maria.

We love Mother Nature. And we love our wonderful South Tyrol.

Imagine strolling through the gentle sweep of pristine snowflakes fluttering from the heavens! How about venturing forth in the summertime and exploring the wonders of Mother Nature? You and your children can string together daisy chains. Mountainbike enthusiasts will want to race down the mountainside. Mountaineers can test their skills and conquer the highest summits. Fun vacationers might like to take a dip in one of the many alpine lakes. Or why not just relax on your recliner and soak up the magnificent sunshine? You can do all of that here at the Hotel Maria in Obereggen – and much more! Here, young natural explorers and rough-and-tumble adventurers will feel just at home as vacationers preferring a more-sedate and restful

holiday. Our many-facetted weekly activities program makes sure of that! There's something for all of our guests – both young and old. We will see to that personally. Hotel manager Christoph Kofler and his team of nature experts, bike pros, and alpine guides are waiting to introduce you to the magnificent wonders of Mother Nature in South Tyrol. They will accompany you (and your children) on forest outings, mountainbike tours, hikes, climbing expeditions, and much more. The legendary beauty of this landscape nestled between the famed "Rose Garden" and the mighty Latemar is truly the ideal vacation resort for you and your loved ones. Just like you imagined it. You're sure to end up loving South Tyrol just as we do!


Summer program
Element 1
  • Baby swimming (Monday to Friday, 5 x 30 mins, upon registration)
  • Baby massage
  • Family hike
  • Barbecue
  • Climbing crag
  • Knot tying
  • Nature workshop
  • Crafting at the kids’ club
  • Games at the kids’ club
  • Movie night
  • Forest treasure hunt
  • Forest excursions
  • Swimming course (Monday to Friday, upon registration)
  • Lama and alpaca trekking (trial tours)
  • Nature Detectives Camp
  • Explorers Camp
  • Family hike
  • Barbecue
  • Cocktail mixing
  • Rafting
  • Forest adventures
  • Climbing crag
  • High ropes course
  • Via ferrata
  • Nature workshop
  • Movie night
  • Treasure hunt
  • Slackline
  • Swimming course (Monday to Friday, upon registration)
  • Lama and alpaca trekking (trial tours)
  • Guided hikes: family hikes, sunrise hikes, sunset hikes,
  • flower and herb walks, night hikes
  • Barbecue
  • Rafting
  • Climbing crag
  • Via ferrata
  • Latemar Aperitivo
  • Slackline
  • Lama and alpaca trekking (trial tours)
  • ½-day passes tour
  • ½-day Giro d’Italia tour
  • Xenofit energy package with bar and drink
  • Guided road bike tours
  • Tour advice and maps
  • Support service
  • Sports massage
  • Bike gear laundry service
  • Full-day children’s entertainment for biking parents
  • Taster tour
  • Grand Latemar tour
  • Weissenstein-Bletterbach tour
  • King Laurin tour
  • Panoramic Dolomites tour
  • Riding technique for kids
  • Riding technique for adults
  • Riding technique in the bike park
  • Family tour around the Latemar mountain
  • ½-day Latemar-Rosengarten tour
  • Rosengarten-Schlern tour
  • Trail tour around the Latemar mountain
  • Pietralba-Lavazè tour
  • Obereggen-Carezza tour
  • Guided hikes: family hikes, sunrise hikes, sunset hikes, flower and herb walks, night walks
  • Rafting
  • Climbing crag
  • Via ferrata
  • Slackline
Details & Info

More information can be obtained from the reception. Advance registration is recommended, as for some activities the number of participants may be limited. Please note also that fees apply in some cases.

Cuddly beds. Fine natural materials. A beautiful view of the South Tyrolean mountains. And a lot of space for your dreams. Our rooms and suites are perfectly tailored to the needs of your family.

Real experiences instead of shallow entertainment. Young guests are in for the times of their lives!

Our fast-paced, modern world is getting more and more complicated. Especially for children. Between school programs and digital activities, there's often only little time left for enjoying the simple pleasures of life. For tussled hair and dirty knees. To look around and be astounded. For authentic experiences and fun outdoor activities. For an appreciation of the many wonders to be found in a pristine natural landscape. We here at the Hotel Maria are firmly convinced that children can best develop – in mind, body, and spirit – when they are allowed to thrive in the Great

Outdoors. The dark forests, verdant meadows, rugged mountainsides, and alpine brooks will stimulate their hearts and souls. A vacation in Obereggen will release the boundless energies stored inside of them. It will quicken their pulses and sharpen their wits. Our highly-qualified activities directors are trained to introduce children to the wonders of Mother Nature and supervise them on their journey of exploration. The Hotel Maria is a place where families can enjoy valuable time together, share unforgettable moments, and experience the pure joy of life.

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