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An incomparable experience: Returning to your comfort zone

Imagine leaving your comfort zone and all the amenities at the Hotel Maria. Imagine taking only the bare necessities with you, so that your saddle bag is not too heavy. Then set out on your adventure. Imagine forgetting all your day-to-day concerns as you explore the landscape. Imagine going on a multi-day journey with your racing bike through this natural paradise. That's always a special experience. How's my stamina holding out? Will the weather remain good? Did I think of everything? What a blessing when you have a host like Christoph Kofler who possesses a wealth of insider information and can provide you with excellent advice. We promise: You can set out on your bike packing adventure from the Hotel Maria – with all the best advice and information on good routes and overnight accommodations. Just give it a try! And just imagine the pleasure when you return to your comfortable accommodations at the Hotel Maria, where you can relax and recharge your batteries and enjoy the unmatched hospitality we're famous for.

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