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The fascination of electro-mountainbiking: Unlimited freedom

In the past, one had to be in peak physical condition to go mountainbiking in higher regions. Now, with electro-mountainbikes, nearly everyone is afforded the luxury of exploring even more-challenging routes. Steep inclines are no longer a concern. Once you've saddled up on an electro-mountainbike, it'll be hard to wipe that grin off your face. Interestingly enough, it's especially younger and well-trained bikers who have paved the way for the electro-biking boom. That's because these rugged electrical motors open up entirely new vistas for alpine explorers. The explanation: Extensive suspension travel and thick tires no longer burden the biker during the ascent, but still provide a maximum of safety during the descent. This provides for an optimal riding experience, and the biker can concentrate on the fun. Of course, families will love electro-mountainbiking. When you return to the Hotel Maria after a lengthy tour, you'll be more relaxed than ever. And don't worry: Our experts – including your host, Christoph Kofler – will provide you with everything you need for a safe and exciting experience. They'll give you useful pointers on basic electro-cycling technique and can outfit you with the latest models – for adults and children.

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