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Even the little kids will enjoy the time of their life

Want to go on a tour and really show your parents how it's done? This is the coolest experience you can imagine. During a family bicycling tour, the little kids can prove to the grown-ups how well they can handle their equipment. After all, this is the best time of life to begin learning the basics of mountainbiking. And the Hotel Maria is the perfect place to learn the fundamentals and acquire these basic skills. Our bike guides Petra and Christoph know exactly how to motivate your children and give them an exciting time. At the Kids Bike Camp, they'll learn the basics and have a great time doing it – that's a promise! And at the Kids Bike Camp Pro, your children will even get to go to the Sella Ronda. What an awesome experience! But don't worry: There's also a lower-key option. In Obereggen, we have a training course where your children can have fun and learn the fundamentals of cycling – on the coolest bikes that we carry among our rentals. Even the littlest ones are guaranteed plenty of fun: Every week, the Hotel Maria holds the Bike Trophy. Everyone who completes the 300-meter course gets an award. With pizza and ice cream (but keep it a secret!).

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