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The Thermal Baths of Meran/Merano
The Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle
The Ötzi Museum in Bozen / Bolzano
MMM Mountain Museum Messner
The Bletter Gorge Geoparc
The Alpine Coaster Gardone
Lake Garda
Lake Kaltern/ Lago di Caldaro
  • The new thermal baths in Meran / Merano offer families with small children an especially enjoyable bathing experience www.thermemeran.it
  • 5 Pools (15 pools open the year round in the in the inside and exterior areas, and 10 additional pools during the summer time)
  • Pools & sauna, spa & vital, medical spa, fitness, bistro, and shop
  • Extensive outdoor lawn / garden area with old, majestic trees, picturesque palm and rose gardens, and the lily-pad / turtle pond
  • A place of refreshment and peace right in the middle of the resort town
  • In Meran / Merano, surrounding Trauttmansdorff Castle, there are some of the most-beautiful and variegated gardens of Italy: www.trauttmansdorff.it
  • With an area of 12 hectares, in the form of a natural amphitheater
  • 80 Garden landscapes where plant species from all over the world can be viewed
  • Impressive theme-based gardens, artistic pavilions, botanical gardens, and recreational attractions
  • The world-renowned "Ötzi" ice-man has been exhibited at the South Tyrolean Museum of Archeology in Bozen / Bolzano since 1998.
  • Original artifacts and the history of the more than 5,000-year-old "Man from the Ice" on three stories.
  • Documentation of the local history from the Paleolithic Age to the era of Emperor Charlemagne.
  • http://www.iceman.it


  • Six sites – six exhibitions – six different experiences
  • The Messner Mountain Museum is a place where visitors can experience the mountains up close, learn about the people of the Alps, and discover more about themselves, too.
  • Every visit is like a mountain-climbing expedition – especially when the weather is good.
  • http://www.messner-mountain-museum.it


  • A travel through millions of years of the natural history of Planet Earth. Not just for scientists and geologists – families with an interest in geology will be fascinated.
  • The UNESCO World Nature Heritage Site allows visitors a view inside the mountains, into the world of rocks and the inner structure of the Dolomites.
  • https://www.bletterbach.info/


Summertime bobsledding fun like on a roller coaster

  • 2 Jumps and one 360° spinner
  • Length: 968 meters
  • Top speed 40 km/h
  • The bobsleds are for one or two persons
  • Children over 5 years of age can ride when accompanied by an adult
  • The largest lake in Italy
  • Lake Garda & Gardaland is an excellent daytrip destination for families with children, easily reached from our hotel.
  • An idyllic bathing lake
  • One of the warmest Alpine lakes in South Tyrol
  • Verona's medieval flair and its unmistakable charm account for Shakespeare having chosen it as the scene of his romantic tragedy, Romeo and Juliette.
  • Verona is located only about 25 km from Lake Garda.
  • Venice's unique location surrounded by lagoons makes it so extraordinary.
  • The old town is scattered among 120 islands separated by 175 canals and connected by more than 444 bridges.
  • The most-important sightseeing destinations of Venice include St. Marco Square, the Doge's Palace, the Bridge of Sighs, the Grand Canal, and the Rialto Bridge.
  • Innsbruck is a fascinating city widely regarded as the capital of the Alps. It offers a unique variety of experiences at an altitude of between 574 and 2,350 meters above sea-level.
  • Alpine yet urbane, with plenty of sports activities to choose from, dynamic, cosmopolitan but also unique, strong and with a respect for traditions, Innsbruck is a city with an irresistible flair of its own.
  • Innsbruck allows you to explore urban settings, but also the mountains, the giddy heights of the mountain summits, cultural treasures, and natural wonders.
  • www.innsbruck.info


  • A place where you can give your fantasy free reign – designed by the multi-media artist André Heller
  • The "Swarovski Crystal Worlds" are an ideal sightseeing destination for families the whole year round, regardless of the weather. Besides the Play Tower and Playground – offering fun and excitement - in the south of the garden, there are also weekly workshops and special family days that are especially interesting.
  • Renowned names from art, design, and architecture present their own interpretations of crystal – hypnotic, magical, and unique.
  • www.kristallwelten.swarovski.com



Charming cities with southern flair

The urban centers of South Tyrol have a magic all their own. Especially Bozen / Bolzano. The provincial capital with its romantic arcades, busy marketplaces, and chic street cafés represents a successful mix of the down-to-earth qualities of the Alpines with the light, urbane flair of Italy. Meran / Merano, too, is among the most-popular outing destinations in South Tyrol. This little city is known far beyond its borders as a resort and wine center. Its thermal baths are a magnet for families and those

seeking rest and regeneration (especially when the weather isn't quite up to par). The Acquarena in the charming little city of Brixen / Bressanone is a marvelous place to splash and enjoy oneself. Many of our hotel guests take the opportunity to make a little side-trip to Lake Garda (about one and a half hours away by car). The medieval city of Verona with its famous arena and the balcony from which Juliette pined for Romeo is two hours away, while the lagoons of Venice are a mere three hours away by car.