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From a rustic farmstead to a family hotel in South Tyrol

It's now been more than 110 years since a farmer from the Ortner farmstead built a house on his most-beautiful meadow. At that time, the little village of Obereggen was virtually unknown beyond its boundaries. There was only a bumpy road suitable for horse-drawn carts that led up to the Eggen Valley. But both then and now, the air up here seems to be purer, and the heavens a deeper azure than elsewhere. This is also why the bumpy road could not prevent the first visitors from traveling to this special place. For a long time, the Pension Maria – as this premium locale on the sun-drenched fields was called – was Obereggen's only hostelry. Soon, word spread that it was a marvelous place to vacation. And so, this little bed & breakfast gradually grew to become the perhaps most-beautiful family hotel in South Tyrol. Today, your hosts Beatrix and Christoph Kofler would like to welcome you to their 4-star hotel – an ideal place for adventurous vacationers, curious nature explorers, and active families who love life.

100% familienfreundlich und ein riesiges Natur- und Abenteuerprogramm!100% familienfreundlich und ein riesiges Natur- und Abenteuerprogramm!
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