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On a first-name basis with Mother Nature

It's only in the freedom of the great outdoors that children can reach their full potential. Forests, meadows, the mountains, and stream abound – the perfect venue for a little day-dreaming or high adventure. In our Explorer Camp, couch potatoes are transformed into natural scientists, and sofa princesses into adventurers. As guests of Hotel Maria, you can enjoy an adventure vacation in South Tyrol and discover the wonderful world of alpine nature. Every summer, our Explorer Camp (free of charge!) has a different, exciting motto. Together with instructors specializing in the natural world, we develop

a program of activities guaranteed to stimulate children and awaken their inherent desire to learn. Thus, a babbling mountain brook can be transformed into a water flea zoo; a forest thicket can serve as a shelter for primitive cavemen; and the meadow behind our hotel can be used as a camping site. Your children can undertake an adventure vacation in South Tyrol and learn what it's like to be a hunter and gatherer. Explore the secrets of nature. Just like real Neanderthals, we'll fashion spears and bows and arrows, search for edible plants growing in the wild, and start a fire – without matches!

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