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Gravelers: The new trend among racing bike enthusiasts

If you talk with bikers who have developed an enthusiasm for gravel biking, you'll basically always hear the same things: They love the ease and simplicity of a bicycle with racing handlebars but which still allows you to explore forest trails – of which there are a plethora in the vicinity of the Hotel Maria. Gravel bikers don't have to share the trail with automobiles and motorcycles. Instead, they can completely immerse themselves in the quiet natural world. We don't want to promise too much: But the area

right outside our hotel is a paradise for gravel biking. You can explore the valley of the Montiggler Forest as early as the spring, while you schedule alpine tours for the summer and autumn. But don't worry: If you are looking for a more-relaxed gravelling experience, then there are plenty of options for that, too. And the large number of aerial lifts make it so convenient! How about setting out on the legendary Latemar Roundtrip on your gravel bike? We'll show you how it's possible.

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