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Adventures and moments of happiness at the family hotel

What is more beautiful than spending quality time with the ones you love? At Hotel Maria we offer the perfect setting for your family adventures. With truly breath-taking scenery, endless opportunities to explore nature together, adventure trips and time laughing and playing together. You can tick whatever you want from your bucket list – from simple walks, providing magnificent views also for baby carriage drivers, to exploration tours to the Latemarium. Of course, listening to the singing of the birds in the forest, collecting leaves or forest bathing can be part of your holiday program as well. An no matter which adventure you choose, fresh air, majestic mountain scenery and a new surprise just around the next corner is waiting in your holidays at Hotel Maria. We maximise your stay with exciting children’s and explorer camps, with climbing tours, best location in the ski area, mountain bike and racing bike tours for all adventurers – old and young. Be part of it and make your personal family holiday dream come true.


Because our youngest guests deserve only the best!

We are a proud member of the Family Hotels of South Tyrol and thus simply offer more amenities and services. That starts right with our spacious rooms. Upon arrival, our child guests will be delighted to discover the wardrobe especially for them. Upon request, we'll be happy to provide you with child bathtubs, child toilet seats or potty chairs, diaper bins, and bathing stools – free of charge. In our restaurant, too, the youngest guests will be treated like royalty. That's because the Family Hotels of South Tyrol always serve children first. Kids have their own menus, and of course they'll find a special children's buffet with regional dishes made from fresh ingredients. Bibs, crayons, and children's utensils, too. On six days of the week, the little ones can dine together with our children care-givers. Our very qualified and continually trained care-givers offer a free, exciting care program six times a week – for all age categories! As a member of the Family Hotels of South Tyrol, we provide spacious playrooms, an outdoor playground with plenty of exciting features, and a large selection of toys and books. By the way: The Hotel Maria is also a member of "Children's Hotels!"

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