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Idyllic routes and romantic trails

The Eggen Valley is a paradise for cyclists. An Eldorado for all vacationers who love bicycling. Some of the most-beautiful bike tours of the Dolomites start right at our front door. Here at the Hotel Maria, you have a multitude of options: Forest trails or paved roads, roundtrips or single trails. Suitable for families, or more challenging. Steep ascents, or nice and level. With your racing bike, or with your mountainbike. Whatever you want when it comes to magnificent bike tours in the Dolomites, we are guaranteed to have the right route for you on hand. Just click here to view online a selection of great routes we have assembled for you – or come to the Hotel Maria and let our professional guides surprise you with a guided tour of their choosing. We are a designated biking hotel, and thus have a variety of interesting holiday packages for you to choose from. And we offer biking enthusiasts like yourself an array of extras and more service so that you can be sure of a completely relaxing and invigorating biking holiday.

Biketouren in den DolomitenBiketouren in den DolomitenBiketouren in den DolomitenBiketouren in den DolomitenBiketouren in den DolomitenBiketouren in den DolomitenBiketouren in den Dolomiten
Carezza bike trail and the eggen valley bike parks
With over 500 meters of altitude differential, the 4.4-km-long Carezza Bike Trail offers a superlative biking experience to the impressive summit of the Dolomites. Adventurers will find hairpin curves, north shoes, banked curves, jumps – simply everything you could want in an exciting bike trail!

Basic data:

  • Length: approx. 4.4 km
  • Altitude differential: 500 meters
  • Average grade: approx. 11% , ideal for a flow trail
  • Length of north shores: up to 70 meters
  • Steep inclines and banked curves: more than 45
  • Jumps: Up to 20 in the form of tables, jumps, or drops
  • Starting-point: Take the Welschnofen aerial tram from the center of the village of Welschnofen to the Frommer Alm; that's where the trail begins.

Basic data on the Carezza Bike Park:

  • Four drops with different heights (simple)
  • Pump track for adults and children
  • Rock garden & Balance north shore
  • Hairpin curves & curve technique training
  • Jumpline & steep wall curves

Proceed here to the Eggen Valley Bike Park.