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Wonderful hiking

Man is not meant to just sit. On the contrary: The human body is a miraculous machine designed to stay in motion. Our toes and the balls of our feet, our ankles, knees, and thighs are a delicately balanced ensemble. In our daily lives, we often act contrary to our nature. We sit and vegetate at our workdesks or schooldesks. In contrast, an active vacation in South Tyrol is an outstanding opportunity to rediscover the joy of walking, strolling, hiking, and jogging. And at the same time, to literally "take a new path."

And you get to decide which paths. The Dolomites are a true paradise for hikers and strollers. Family-friendly meadow paths, exciting nature discovery trails, challenging tours into the high mountains, and climbing walls of all levels of difficulty – they're all waiting for you. In the "Rose Garden" and the Latemar, alone – both of which are located right at our doorstep – you'll find more than 500 km of well-posted hiking trails. Of all levels of difficulty, from "easy" to "difficult." Both steep and level.


The incomparable beauty of the Great Outdoors

An active vacation in South Tyrol can be enjoyed on foot. But also in climbing gear, in cycling shoes, on horseback, or with Nordic Walking poles. The options are practically limitless. Climbing walls and zipline facilities in the Eggen Valley are a paradise for those who love vertiginous heights. If you'd rather "putt around," then the golf courses at Karer Lake / Lago di Carezza and Petersberg / Monte S. Pietro are the places for you. And the horsey set will likewise find plenty to do in South Tyrol. The Zyprianhof Stables and the Angerle Alm Stables are just a few

kilometers from our hotel, and offer not only traditional instruction, but also rides out into the Great Outdoors and the world of the Dolomites. The Latemarium Mountain Adventure World boasts thematic trails, viewing platforms, and interactive learning stations where you can immerse yourself in the impressive beauty of the Latemar Mountains and experience them with all your senses. Both adults and children will find much to discover amidst the ancient mountains, the verdant alpine meadows, and the giant glaciers.

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